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Ignacio A. Boulin Victoria

Lawyer graduated from the University of Mendoza Law School, 2006.

Master Degree on Administrative Law, Austral University, 2011.

Diploma on International Human Rights Law, Washington College of Law, American University (Washington DC).

He was selected to do practices at the Organization of American States, working at the Department of Democratic and Political Affairs, and at the Interamerican Committee of Human Rights.

He was a scholar at the Mendoza Stock Exchange.

In the state-level field, he has been Legal Advisor of the Ministry of Production, Technology and Innovation of the Province of Mendoza.

He has extensive experience of internacional litigation of human rights, intervening in cases in Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala and Chile, advising individuals, corporations and states.

Founder and member of the Honorary Council of the Latin American Center of Human Rights (CLADH in Spanish), and member of Southern Lights Group, a firm that promotes human rights through strategic litigation.

In the academic field, he is a Professor by competition of the Chair of Public Law at the Nacional University of Cuyo Economic Sciences School (Mendoza). He has given lectures in universities of Argentina and México, and has been a visiting lecturer professor in the summer program of Internatinal Human Rights at the Valparaiso University Law School, Indiana (United States).


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