Practice areas

Specialization in different branches of law allows our firm to meet all our clients legal needs efficiently, ensuring immediate response.

This kind of management is projected through different cities and regions connected with a wide net of correspondents to provide dynamic and rapid solutions to clients.

Career, personalized attention, and the long-established presence of our law firm in the province are features that enhance the achievement of high efficiency standards.

Human Rights Litigation
Both nationally and internationally, complex litigation with multiple stakeholders define the current outlook that unfolds in the lives of individuals, communities, companies and governments. These processes have the power to impact the lives of individuals and communities profoundly, and consequently, the State performance and corporate interests.

We help clients to prevent these conflicts or when they have them, to defend their interests in innovative ways, turning critical issues into opportunities.

Human Rights Strategic Evaluations
The changing business world is increasingly recognizing the value of respect for human rights. Multiplicity of forums involve issues concerning the duty to respect human rights by companies, new areas of responsibility and a renewed and more comprehensive way of understanding good corporate practices.

Therefore, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the practice of preventing counselling and impact assessment on human rights. We advise our clients so that they respond with excellence to the challenges that the human rights culture prevails.


Our firm members proffesional profiles offer integral legal counselling and assistance to face general civil and business issues, as well as labor, administrative, constitutional, criminal and international affairs.

In particular, they are experienced in:

  • General Counselling for Companies.
  • Finantial Activity.
  • Corporations and Joint Ventures.
  • Labor Law Counselling for Corporations.
  • Insurance and National and International Transports.
  • Economic Criminal Law.
  • Customs Criminal Law.
  • Mining Law.
  • Constitutional and administrative Law.
  • International Human Rights Law.


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