There are times when words fail us to pay tribute to outstanding people. Although it may sound commonplace, those who knew our beloved and friendly Piki, surely can relate to what we say.

The founding member of this firm, he was the epitome of the values we seek to be known by.

He was undoubtedly one of those Magistrates who will be remembered by those who walk down courtroom hallways everyday, waiting for Justice to be served. As a Professor, he won remarkable respect and admiration from his students, who added the cover of his magazine,"Roma Lucha", to their tribute titled "Farewell to a Leading Figure". The School of Economics at UNC, where he was a Lawyer Professor, named after him one of the auditoriums as a tribute, and his name outstands together with those of the most distinguished accountants.

As an upstanding, committed and well-versed professional, he used to be hailed as "primus inter pares". The Province Association of Magistrates requested him to be the legal representative for many years, which was the unmistakable indication of respect and consideration he deserved among the members of the forum. For his qualities as an outstanding Jurist, his premature and unexpected death did not go unnoticed in specialized publication circles. Thus, "El Derecho" published a front page tribute titled "Goodbye, dear friend – Osvaldo Ángel Pritz (Piki)". Condolences were offered from several countries. His figure had gone beyond borders and the heartleft sorrow at his death was of public genuine recognition.

Whenever Piki practised Law, no matter the setting, it was made clear that he was superior. He was one of those who are met once in a while.

Although what has been said here might be enough, yet such a figure goes even futher. Those of us privileged enough to know him as a partner and friend, could never forget his unrivalled sense of humor, a clear sign of his wit and peace of mind. We could never forget either his irreproachable honesty, his steadfast loyalty, his sincere friendship, and his unlimited generosity. When engaged in discussion or when offering advice, he always cut through things and came to the most correct and honest answer. You could always count on Piki as a friend.

His friends and family (who he always loved and honored above anything else) can testify this tribute.

We could go on and on... However, as we have already expressed, words cannot involve what Piki meant to us or how we feel his absence. Only our hearts know how we remember and miss him.


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