It is never easy to summarize in a few lines what the life of person was. Even more when that person walked together with us for so long.

It might be a start to say that we met while studying at University and together we began carving our professional dreams and families. Nevertheless, it would be more important to note that from the first time we met Norberto, we were impressed by his humility and helpfulness. He was always willing to lend a hand, being this trait in his personality a constant throughout his life.

He was always a fighter. He started out from the bottom. He quickly had to face up to life taking care of his family at the premature death of his father and the unrecoverable illness of his elder sister. With his mother and his youngest brother, he confronted the challenge. The crucial transition in his life came with a series of jobs that enabled him to help the family and finance his studies.

Interestingly, one of those jobs as a clerk of a major insurance company would link him to an issue he devoted his entire professional and teaching life: the insurance law.

Time brought the achievements. Due to the enormous responsibilities assumed and not without few difficulties, he crowned his efforts with his Law Degree, and quickly formed his own family: his wife and six sons, for whom he fought until the end of his days and loved beyond imaginable.

Norberto was a great entrepreneur too. He engaged in the Insurance world and he devoted all his efforts to it. He joined the Insurance Chair at University, improving his knowledge until he became a permanent Professor of the subject. Many Conferences and Symposiums in Mendoza and the rest of the country had him as a major leading figure. He won the respect and recognition of those who devoted themselves, like him, to the deepening knowledge in this area. Furthermore, he became a man of permanent reference for those dedicated to this labor area.

He was upright, and a man of word. He had to deal with one of the most difficult areas of the profession, where battles with collegues get prickly, and the defense of clients is often too difficult. However, he won respect, admiration and above all, the affection of those who were occasional adversaries. They knew that his word was enough and they could trust him. Besides, the anger and bitter disputes with collegues of wayward behaviour were calmed down by Norberto´s attitude, since usual practices were out of place for him. Willingly everything was possible with Norberto, by force nothing at all.

But mainly, Norberto was an exceptional human being. Generous and concerned with everybody, his friends were counted in tens. He was a passionate sportsman, and a hard and loyal footballer. He was an example for the young, who could not hide their admiration for him. Being so sensitive, he felt deeply his own pains and others´. He had a great heart and transmitted generous and selfless friendship. Few have been so beloved. And his wife Magda and his sons realized about this when we had to farewell him, so confused and shocked at his death.

The road will not be easy from now on, mainly for those of us who shared dreams with him. His sons, who follow his course, can keep the serene joy of following his steps at the same place he helped to build, and they can pride themselves on their surname. It is remained engraved among those who honor life, frindship, love, honesty and generosity with no limits. No, it will not be easy.


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