Lawyer, graduated from the School of Law and Social Sciences of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Santa Fe, Argentina), in 1977. He also obtained a P.D.G. from the Business School at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Santiago, Chile, 1997).

Carlos de Casas works independently as a lawyer. He has an extensive experience in the fields of criminal law, due process of law guarantees, human rights law, education law, corporate social responsibility, liability of judges, prosecutors and lawyers, as well as providing counsel to civil society organizations.

He has acted internationally in the field of human rights before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) (Washington, DC) and before the UN Human Rights Committee (Geneva), winning cases in both forums. For more than ten years he has participated annually in the periods of sessions of the IACHR, attending hearings, work meetings and interviews with the commissioners and the staff of the Executive Secretariat.

His areas of expertise at the international level are particularly important in these times in the Inter-American System, where in the vast majority of cases the Judiciary is at the root of the violations. His domestic and international litigation experience covers not only the jurisdiction of the Argentine Republic but also that of Uruguay and Chile. As a petitioner, he has worked to protect the rights of individuals deprived of their liberty and the rights of persecuted journalists. His cases have set precedent at the Inter-American level in the issue of reasonable time for pre-trial detention, and are widely quoted and studied.

In the academic field, Carlos de Casas is currently tenured Professor of Criminal Law and Economic Criminal Law. He lectures in Criminal Law in several postgraduate degrees, such as the Program for Business Legal Counseling, Program for State Attorneys and the Specialization in Criminal Law, all of which are offered by the School of Legal and Social Sciences of the Universidad de Mendoza, and in the Master’s Degree in Business Law at ADEN Business School. He is also the Director of the Institute of Research on Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at the Universidad de Mendoza. He has written numerous papers on his subjects, among which the Manual de Derecho Penal (Criminal Law Manual) stands out, co-authored with Juan H. Day and Gonzalo Nazar, published by Editorial Zavalía (Buenos Aires, 2012).

In the public sphere, Carlos de Casas served as Director of the Criminal Affairs Department of the Province of Mendoza, Argentina (1984-86), Assistant Attorney of the Attorney General of the Province of Mendoza (1986-89), as well as legal representative of the Central Bank of Argentina in Mendoza (1986-2000). Also, he was substitute Judge of the Federal Courts in Mendoza and a member of magistrates’ appointing bodies for the Council of Magistrates both at the Federal as well as the Provincial (Mendoza) level.


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