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Jorge Roberto Boulin

Lawyer graduated from the National University of Litoral, 1974.

He has been Legal Advisor of the Provincial Department of Juvenile Services, Misdemeanors Judge, Correctional Prosecutor, and Prosecutor for the Criminal Chamber of Justice. He has been Associate Judge of the Provincial and Federal Justice of Mendoza.

He has been Member of the Honorable Court of Ethics of the Mendoza Bar Association. Former Member of the Evaluation Committee of applicants of the Criminal Justice Division, member of the Magistracy Council and member of the Jury of records and opposition competitions at the Selecting Committee of Magistrates, to fill the positions of Judge of Oral Courts in the Federal Capital of Argentina.

In the academic field, he has been the Academic Secretary of the University of Mendoza Law School. He has also been Associate Professor of Criminal Law I (General Contents) and currently, he holds the Chairs of Criminal Law I (Special Contents) and Criminal Law Special Issues. He has been Professor of the Postgraduate Course for State Lawyers and has lectured at the Conferences on the Analysis of the New Code of Criminal Procedure of Mendoza.


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